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Well this is somewhat humbling – as someone who has only eeked out several pieces on nonsense  he finds interesting (and surely only he could find interesting…) – I’ve been nominated for the Sunshine Blogger award by the fabulous, brilliant (let’s not give her ego to much of a boost now) WidowCranky  of – Go give her blog a read while you’ve a mind too – she was nominated for other awards too you know…. . The award is designed to encourage writers/bloggers to spread postivity and joy amongst the internet badlands. But sometiimes they go to 25 y/o cynics like me too!

I was asked 11 questions to provide you with (presumably) 11 answers and to dish out my nominations for aforementioned award. As a relative newcomer to this dealy I’ve yet to explore too many other blogs and sites, so currently I have no 11 questions of my own to pass on. Maybe for next year, who knows! But in the meanwhile here we go…

  1. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be and why?

Not wishing to set a theme of over thinking answers to these light-hearted questions but I think a nice indigo. I think it’s neat and the forgotten colour between blue and purple. Which I can dig. So that.

  1. How do you feel about Flat Earthers?

That they are correct. Honest. I’m not laughing – you’re laughing. Actually, the Earth is Hexagonal.

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words.

Bad at stuff / nope, too hard/could do better/ sometimes is funny. Pick your favourite.

  1. If you could be anything what would you be and why?

Probably a dragon. Nah, that’s dumb. Probably a writer – it’s something I prohibited myself doing for so long through various procrastinated excuses and crippled (self-inflicted) self-esteem. So I s’pose the why is mainly so I can look at previous Rob and call him a bit of a turd for thinking he can’t or shouldn’t.

  1. When I was a kid I desperately wanted to be a Unicorn, what did you want to be?

A footballer – but I lacked both the talent and the dexterity. Also politics, y’know it’s all politics.

  1. Who has inspired you the most in your life?

Hmmm. I suppose people like John le Carré, John Nicholson, Daniel Storey (as far as writers go), Ronaldihno, David Ginola, Juan Roman Riquelme & Carlos Tevez (for those footballing dreams never to be lived out), Pink Floyd, Alice In Chains, Chris Cornell (por la musica). But ultimately, and just as importantly, my late Grandfather, my mother and my father have been constant sources of inspiration throughout. It’s all rather cliché I’m afraid.

  1. Which season do you like the most?

It’s a tie between Spring & Autumn. I dislike Summer & Winter as I hate being too hot or too cold. Oh how I loathe being too hot or too cold.

  1. Who would win in a fight…Batman or Aquaman?

Ah well that all depends doesn’t it on the most pertinent of questions; who picks the location? Batman’s gonna drown if Aquaman gets to pick because you have to imagine he goes home advantage. Unless he has a moment, panics, and just screams: “BOWLING ALLEY!” In which case dude is fuuuuucked.

  1. If you had the choice to give up everything and travel the world all expenses paid, but leave your loved ones behind, would you?

Nah – I’m not really a ‘go do things type of guy.’ I feel we spent plenty of time as a species trying to perfect the indoors why now abandon that to go backpacking in Asia Minor. Plus I suppose I quite like my loved ones…a little.

  1. Favourite all time film?

O’ Brother Where Art Thou. It pipped 2nd placed Pulp Fiction and 3rd placed Finding Nemo; but pipped it did.

  1. Do you see yourself as an inspiration to others?

Oh good lord no. I suppose I’d quite fancy being the old wizened type, Wizard beard in hand, dispensing sage advice in a village – but I’m daft as a brush – I’d probably ask if they’d seen Blade or something before being banished forever….



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